Say what you need to say.   I'm Laura. I'm from New York City, I go to school in Delaware, I enjoy positive vibes, I get really passionate over politics & poetry and there are very few things a good cup of coffee cannot fix.
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"The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."

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my bank seriously just sent me a text informing me that I am a broke bitch


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This song has seriously been stuck in my song all day long but I’m not complaining one bit because these vibes are so chill 

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"Hamsa"Pen and ink8” by 10”


Pen and ink
8” by 10”

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"Porque sé, que me espera algo mejor
Alguien que sepa darme amor
De ese que endulza la sal
Y hace que, salga el sol"
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"Y en la distancia te puedo ver cuando tus fotos me siento a ver."
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"Americans may be factually aware that Lucy Liu is an American actress and Kate Winslet is British, but the tests indicated that Americans considered Liu as more foreign than Winslet."

Nicholas Kristof, "Is Everyone a Little Bit Racist?" (August 27th 2014)

Racism may the strongest hallucinogen on the planet.

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Creative kid. More creative mom.


Creative kid. More creative mom.

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